Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Sal Perri (3.12)

Julia is one hell of a screwed-up lady. While her mother is a complete bitch, there's no excuse for coldly murdering her -- or at least a woman who is supposedly her. Especially since the evidence that the woman on the gurney was Erica was a little lightweight. As much as I thought murder was a completely over-the-top reaction, I did appreciate the confidence brought out in her throughout the episode. It's unfortunate that she quit medical school, since she reacts quickly in crisis situations, and manages to be better at both surgery and patient interaction than Sean.

The final scene was hilarious. The sudden jump of the camera and the huge bang on the music score as Julia found her mother sat on her couch was ridiculous, but also completely awesome.

The plane crash story itself was excellently directed. It looked a lot like a real disaster situation, and probably cost a lot to produce, especially with all the extras and make-up required. The mother/daughter story that Julia was involved with was tragic, and while some elements were a little clich├ęd, I admit I did get a little weepy when the mother died.

I loved that they continued the story of Christian being haunted by Kimber. Their scene together in this episode was pretty disturbing, with Kimber begging for Christian to let her die. I also loved the parallels between death and sex in their scene, which is pretty much what this whole season has been about, especially with The Carver at the center of most storylines.

Sal Perri is an episode that gets better with repeated viewings. While it's undeniably different from regular Nip/Tuck episodes, it still succeeds in being a dramatic hour. A

Guest stars Vanessa Redgrave (Erica Noughton); Louis Mustillo (Sal Perri); Mary Mara (Natalie Holden); Sandy Martin (Helen Holden); Mitch Pileggi (Dr. Russell Marcus); Rick Fitts (Airline Representative); Naja Hill (Pregnant Woman); Ty Miller (Airline Pilot)
Writers Lyn Greene, Richard Levine Director David Nutter

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