Mad Men

Returns for the second half of its final season in 2015

Mad Men is all about the small things -- the little intimate details of everyday interaction, the emotions that aren't so much expressed loudly but instead privately experienced. It's a series that has hit pop culture like a vintage sledgehammer, magnifying the time period of the 1960's through the collective journeys of an ensemble of dreamers and prisoners, as much trapped by the worlds they inhabit as they are striving to break out of them. This show is a weekly masterpiece. Starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery.

Season One

1.1 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes A
1.2 Ladies Room A
1.3 Marriage of Figaro A
1.4 New Amsterdam B+
1.5 5G A+
1.6 Babylon A
1.7 Red in the Face A
1.8 The Hobo Code A
1.9 Shoot A-
1.10 Long Weekend A
1.11 Indian Summer A
1.12 Nixon vs. Kennedy A+
1.13 The Wheel A+

Season Five
5.1 / 5.2 A Little Kiss A
5.3 Tea Leaves B+
5.4 Mystery Date A
5.5 Signal 30 A+
5.6 Far Away Places A+
5.7 At the Codfish Ball A+
5.8 Lady Lazarus A
5.9 Dark Shadows B+
5.10 Christmas Waltz A-
5.11 The Other Woman A+
5.12 Commissions and Fees A-
5.13 The Phantom A

Season Six
6.1 / 6.2 The Doorway A- 
6.3 Collaborators B
6.4 To Have and to Hold B-
6.5 The Flood B+ 
6.6 For Immediate Release A 
6.7 Man with a Plan A