2011-2013; 2 seasons; 18 episodes

Combining biting satire with perceptive commentary on society and the people who occupy it, Enlightened is a frustratingly underrated comedy-drama about a one-time corporate firecracker trying to find her place in the world after a very public meltdown, made harder since everything and everybody around her are the absolute worst. Oh, and she's sort of awful, too. But you kind of love her for it. Starring Laura Dern, Luke Wilson and Diane Ladd.

Season One

1.1 Pilot A
1.2 Now or Never A 
1.3 Someone Else's Life A 
1.4 The Weekend A 
1.5 Not Good Enough Mothers A+ 
1.6 Sandy A+ 
1.7 Lonely Ghosts A+
1.8 Comrades Unite! A
1.9 Consider Helen A+
1.10 Burn It Down A 

Season Two
2.1 The Key A-
2.2 Revenge Play A
2.3 Higher Power A 
2.4 Follow Me A
2.5 The Ghost Is Seen A 
2.6 All I Ever Wanted A+
2.7 No Doubt A 
2.8 Agent of Change A+