Dawson's Creek

1998-2003; 6 seasons; 128 episodes

Long before she was a three-time Oscar nominee, before he got stuck between dueling universes, before he became a walking in-joke, and before she fled a wacky Xenu cult, they were Jen, Pacey, Dawson and Joey -- four romantically schizophrenic and weirdly articulate teenagers growing up in the small coastal town of Capeside. They were my adolescence. Starring James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson. 

Season One
1.1 Pilot A
1.2 Dance B+
1.3 Kiss B
1.4 Discovery B
1.5 Hurricane B-
1.6 Baby B+
1.7 Detention A+
1.8 Boyfriend C+
1.9 Roadtrip C+
1.10 The Scare A
1.11 Double Date C+
1.12 Beauty Contest B+
1.13 Decisions B+ 

Season Two
2.1 The Kiss A
2.2 Crossroads B+
2.3 Alternative Lifestyles A
2.4 Tamara's Return B
2.5 Full Moon Rising C+
2.6 The Dance B-
2.7 The All-Nighter C
2.8 The Reluctant Hero C
2.9 The Election B+
2.10 High Risk Behavior B+
2.11 Sex, She Wrote A-
2.12 Uncharted Waters D+
2.13 His Leading Lady B+ 
2.14 To Be or Not to Be... A
2.15 ...That Is the Question B+
2.16 Be Careful What You Wish For C-
2.17 Psychic Friends C 
2.18 A Perfect Wedding A+
2.19 Rest in Peace B+
2.20 Reunited B
2.21 Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes C+
2.22 Parental Discretion Advised C+ 

Season Three
3.1 Like a Virgin D
3.2 Homecoming C
3.3 None of the Above D+
3.4 Home Movies C
3.5 Indian Summer C
3.6 Secrets and Lies C
3.7 Escape from Witch Island B+
3.8 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner B-
3.9 Four to Tango A+
3.10 First Encounters of the Close Kind A-
3.11 Barefoot at Capefest B-
3.12 A Weekend in the Country C-
3.13 Northern Lights C
3.14 Valentine's Day Massacre C
3.15 Crime and Punishment B-
3.16 To Green, with Love B
3.17 Cinderella Story B+
3.18 Neverland A
3.19 Stolen Kisses B-
3.20 The Longest Day A+
3.21 Show Me Love B
3.22 The Anti-Prom B+
3.23 True Love A 

Season Four
4.1 Coming Home A
4.2 Failing Down B+
4.3 Two Gentlemen of Capeside C-
4.4 Future Tense B+
4.5 A Family Way D
4.6 Great Xpectations B-
4.7 You Had Me at Goodbye B-
4.8 The Unusual Suspects B 
4.9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang B+
4.10 Self Reliance A
4.11 The Tao of Dawson B-
4.12 The Te of Pacey B 
4.13 Hopeless A
4.14 A Winter's Tale B-
4.15 Four Stories A+
4.16 Mind Games B 
4.17 Admissions B-
4.18 Eastern Standard Time B
4.19 Late B-
4.20 Promicide B
4.21 Separation Anxiety B+
4.22 The Graduate C
4.23 Coda A+ 

Season Five
5.1 The Bostonians B+
5.2 The Lost Weekend D
5.3 Capeside Revisited C+
5.4 The Long Goodbye C
5.5 Use Your Disillusion B-
5.6 High Anxiety B-
5.7 Text, Lies and Videotape C 
5.8 Hotel New Hampshire B
5.9 Four Scary Stories C+
5.10 Appetite for Destruction B+
5.11 Something Wild B
5.12 Sleeping Arrangements B-
5.13 Something Wilder B-
5.14 Guerilla Filmmaking B
5.15 Downtown Crossing A
5.16 In a Lonely Place C-
5.17 Highway to Hell C
5.18 Cigarette Burns A-
5.19 100 Light Years from Home D+
5.20 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) B-
5.21 After Hours B-
5.22 The Abby D+
5.23 Swan Song A

Season Six
6.1 The Kids Are Alright B
6.2 The Song Remains the Same A-
6.3 The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest C-
6.4 Instant Karma! D
6.5 The Impostors D
6.6 Living Dead Girl C+
6.7 Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell B
6.8 Spiderwebs D 
6.9 Everything Put Together Falls Apart D
6.10 Merry Mayhem D
6.11 Day Out of Days C-
6.12 All the Right Moves D
6.13 Rock Bottom C+
6.14 Clean and Sober B+
6.15 Castaways A
6.16 That Was Then B
6.17 Sex and Violence B
6.18 Love Bites A
6.19 Lovelines D
6.20 Catch-22 C-
6.21 Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road C
6.22 Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption A-
6.23 All Good Things... B
6.24 ...Must Come to an End A-