Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dawson's Creek: Something Wilder (5.13)

Lord, Joey! Just what are you doing? She's casually seeing this genuine, sweet guy who seems smart and attentive and caring, and yet she's still insanely interested in Professor Molester, the creepy English professor who'd probably throw a baby into a fireplace if it meant he could get into Joey's pants a little quicker. The dude is horrible, casually mentioning that he lied about having a wife and a child back in the season premiere, and that he probably said it as some kind of defense mechanism against all the hottie co-eds desperate to bang him. He literally creeps me the hell out, and Joey's eagerness to make out with him and her belief that he's charming and inspiring... ugh. Save her, Audrey. Anyone!

But, again, that trademark Katie Holmes neuroses prevents me from entirely bashing her. At the end of the episode, Joey is still talking out her fears, how she wants to be the type of girl who would actually sleep with him but is just incapable of taking that step. Gosh, can't she just be content and happy being herself? She's so great! Heh. But I guess she continues to resonate as a character, wanting to be somewhat different because that's just what's expected, even if part of you is perfectly fine with being who you are already.

Somebody who's also dealing with emotional changes is Jen, who is so head over heels infatuated with Dawson that she's become this love-crazed romantic... and she's ridiculously annoying. But it's also putting her radio career in jeopardy, since she's losing that cynical edge that makes Jen fun as a person. This was a really self-aware storyline, Jen addressing what makes her character so interesting, and recognizing it when she begins to become someone she doesn't particularly like.

She got her mojo back after reading Oliver's misogynist movie script, he and Dawson reuniting on their first day at that vague Boston college they're now attending. Oliver is a lot like Dawson before his personality turnaround, all angsty and volatile whenever somebody slams his work. Despite his script not totally working at this point in time, Dawson agrees to direct it, which... meh. I don't really understand why Dawson is doing this, but maybe he's trying to get his groove back like Jen's been doing?

Finally, Jack was stuck in another staggeringly awful subplot, being placed on academic probation, fighting with his frat bros and getting all drunk and angry. This story is something of a brief echo in what amounts to a generally busy episode, concerning characters that are so invisible that it's hard to discern any of their actual names, while Jack generally isn't the most exciting member of the Dawson's Creek ensemble. I don't know if it's Kerr Smith lacking the on-screen presence of his fellow cast members, or if Jack is just a victim of prolonged bad writing, but he's always adrift in these dull side-stories. It's like the show has ran out of ideas for him. B-

Guest stars
Ken Marino (Professor David Wilder); Busy Philipps (Audrey Liddell); Jordan Bridges (Oliver Chirchick); Ned Brower (Elliott Sawyer); Ryan Bittle (Eric)
Writer Rina Mimoun Director David Petrarca

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  1. I don't think Kerr was the problem He´s such a talented and appealing actor. I think it had to do with the whole frat thing which was a total fiasco for Jack as a character.