Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dawson's Creek: Castaways (6.15)

That sound you hear is the writers finally doing something right for a change. Castaways successfully restructures the show after recent weeks of drifting, firmly positioning Joey and Pacey as Dawson's Creek's go-to central couple. Stuck in a locked K-Mart after hours, this is a beautifully-written two-hander, one that explores both of them as individuals, as well as what remains of their relationship. Along the way, old resentments and disappointments are unearthed, but Gina Fattore's script remains steadfastly adorable, both actors easily slipping back into their old rhythms together and quickly making the audience at home collectively squee over the thought of them hooking up again.

A lot of the material this week will feel familiar to anybody who has been in a relationship that has fallen apart, particularly whenever the issue of post break-up scarring is raised. Pacey talks about how Joey seemed to get over their relationship pretty quickly, something Joey doesn't deny but protests isn't even an issue. She's left generally freaked by his blathering, his feelings having clearly resurfaced since last episode. But once the air is cleared and Pacey begins to open up more, the two of them begin to reminisce about their time together and address the feelings that could never rationally go away. It's all genuinely warm, notably in that ridiculously romantic moment in which Joey shaves off Pacey's hideous goatee and smoochiness naturally occurs soon after.

Gina Fattore's script also breaks up the potential monotony with a ton of 'trapped in a mall' comedy schtick straight out of Career Opportunities, Joey and Pacey playing Battleship and goofing off over the intercom. The concept of being stranded in a mall late at night with nobody else around is one of those cool, innocent fantasy scenarios familiar to most little kids, and Castaways has fun with turning these over-analytical young adults into silly tweens for a couple of hours.

But the episode's strongest success is the way it grants the series something resembling forward momentum. By this point, the writers must have been aware that the show was coming to a close, and thankfully they seem to have dropped a lot of the weaker side-stories and instead focus screentime on those more deserving of it. If it's any indicator for the rest of the year, they should be able to salvage what has, up to this point, been a crummy wash of a season. A

Guest stars
Jud Tylor (The Sure Thing); Noah Segan (George)
Writer Gina Fattore Director Greg Prange


  1. This is one of the best episodes of S6. Like many others I also did not enjoy S6 all that much. As the season went on I no longer cared because it just wasn't good, then comes this ep and the one before it and two after. Finally I cared again! The show was alive again! This episode was so hilarious, fun and romantic. I smiled and paid attention to the show. No other DC couple or fling can beat these two. Only Joey Potter can finally murder that godawful goatee! I thought that thing was going to survive the entire season and that was a scary thought. lol The episode felt like the DC we loved for 4 seasons.

  2. This ep is lame and contrived. Who ends up with their high school bf after watching them fuck their roommate for a year? Who gets locked in a kmart? And where is Dawson?
    U crazy.

    1. Contrived? How in the world is it contrived? These two are the only ones to have a consistent 9 month long heartwarming romance that ended with both still having deep feelings for one another. In tv land that's a long time. They broke up and moved on to other relationships. After falling in love with each other and then dealing with Dawson's childish temper tantrums about it, Joey would look like a hypocrite if she said she had a problem if her ex dated her roommate. Pacey and Joey were written to take the mature route. They became best friends again after their break up and supported each other as two people who still wanted the best for the other even though they were no longer together romantically. Being a jealous a'hole about it would be lame and immature so I'm glad the writers wrote their relationship much more healthier than Joey and Dawson's relationship that never matured and kept them stuck in childhood. Sure getting locked in a department store all night is not completely believable but the show spent 6 seasons with plots that weren't very believable. What show have some fans been watching to think THIS episode is the only one that suspends believability??? That has got to be the opinion of bitter Dawson/Joey fans who refuse to believe facts and what was shown on the screen for 6 seasons. It's unrealistic for two people who were once madly in love, who are stuck together in one location for hours eventually have old feelings resurface after one shares their still harboring feelings with the other? Oh yeah that's so contrived. That is just soooo unheard of right? Pacey and Joey were the loves of each other's lives based on the fact that neither one ever had another incredible and pretty long lasting in tv land relationship like they had with each other. Joey's love for Dawson was never like her love for Pacey, even admitting that it was a pure and innocent love plus they could never make it work longer than 5 seconds. They had a very dysfunctional and codependent relationship that brought out the worst in each other when they tried to force a romance. That's just how they were written for some reason. Some fans need to get over it. Anyway, loved this episode. Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes were magical on screen together. Their chemistry as Joey and Pacey, whether they were just friends or romantically involved, was amazing. It's why they're still considered one of the best couples in television of the last 20 years.