Monday, July 19, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Hannah Tedesco (3.9)

Christian and Kimber's ultimatum was awesome, and really showed how much they value each other as a couple. I also loved the clause in their contract about threesomes, as they wouldn't want their sex life to go stale (hee!). The entire Kimber Doll-wannabe was a little disturbing, and I was never really convinced by it. But at least it gave Kelly Carlson a lot to do, and the chemistry between her and Julian McMahon was still great to see.

Sean was acting completely selfish where the witness protection program was concerned. He didn't appear to think twice over Matt and Annie's well-being when he decided to jump ship and move away with Nicole. While I eventually ended up enjoying this story, Sean's actions were ridiculous. I liked the slight open-ending to the story. We never find out if the men pursuing Nicole and Austin actually caught up to them, and as an audience we're allowed to come up with our own theories about their whereabouts.

The surgery of the week was great. A truly groundbreaking procedure, a face transplant operation made for some stunning (if extremely gross) make-up effects, and some great acting from the guest stars. But you just knew that something would eventually go wrong. I initially pegged that the mother donating her daughter's face would lose all control at the end, and possibly start claiming that her friend's daughter is now hers, since she shares her old face. That didn't happen, but it was still a pretty depressing closer.

An impressive episode which managed to make the Anne Heche story a lot more suspenseful, and proved how close Christian and Kimber now are. B+

Guest stars Anne Heche (Nicole Morretti); Michele Greene (Illana Manning); Melinda Page Hamilton (Colleen Eubanks); Deirdre Lovejoy (Allie Tedesco); Jon Sklaroff (Leo); Tanner Richie (Austin Morretti); Bob Gunton (Agent Sagamore)
Writer Sean Jablonski Director Michael M. Robin

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