Monday, July 19, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Madison Berg (3.10)

Kimber has every right to be questioning her decision to marry Christian. He's notoriously unreliable as somebody in a committed relationship, and how can she be sure he won't end up picking up some girl in a sleazy bar? It was also sad to see part of Kimber's worries come true, with Christian and Julia kissing each other right before the ceremony. As a die-hard Christian/Kimber lover, I hate it when Julia gets in the way, and unfortunately her presence was all over this episode, even when she wasn't actually in a scene.

I loved the interaction between Kimber and Gina (which I think was maybe a first). The painful waxing scene was pretty hilarious, and her wedding gift was complete soap opera trashiness. But I also liked how Gina owned up to being a bitch. She knows she's a mess, but she isn't afraid to admit that. And, however nasty she can be, she at least sees the love Christian and Kimber share for each other.

After performing his own circumcision, sleeping with an incestuous psychopath, attacking a transsexual and going all skinhead, Matt decides to do what any normal crazy teen would do and shacks up with a group of neo-Nazi's. Ariel does actually make some sense... before going completely racist. McNamara/Troy does promote "whitewashing", and it isn't right that a Jewish girl feels it's necessary to surgically alter her nose in order to appear more attractive. The "sweet 16" surgery policy is also a little sick and twisted.

Of course, my agreement in Ariel's beliefs stop right there, and the scene with her family is by far one of the most disturbing moments this show has ever produced. Mrs Alderman's collection of "black housemaid" figurines was creepy, but the entire family's pride over Matt's attack on Cherry at the start of the season was completely insane. This is by far the worst situation Matt has ever gotten involved with.

An episode full of great humor (like the cake scene), and disturbing drama in the Alderman storyline. It's so sad that Christian and Kimber didn't end up walking down the aisle, but I don't think Christian would work as a one-woman kind of guy with so many seasons left. They should save it for the series finale. A+

Guest stars Brittany Snow (Ariel Alderman); Hallee Hirsh (Madison Berg); Valerie Landsburg (Marian Berg); Nancy Lenehan (Sue Alderman); Mercedes Colon (Hostess); Brian Kerwin (Eugene Alderman)
Writer Jennifer Salt Director Greg Yaitanes

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