Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Joy Kringle (3.13)

Matt really impressed me in this episode. While he's still stupid for getting involved with a neo-Nazi family in the first place, he showed signs of maturity in his reaction to Ariel's plans, and even bonded with Christian at the end. The relationship between Matt and Christian continues to be great to see. It's evolving at a natural speed, not in a ridiculous soap opera way, and I loved that they both admitted that they were still adjusting to the sudden new connection between them.

The Alderman family still creep me the hell out. Brittany Snow continues to put in a brave performance, and really convinced during the scene where she felt literally disgusted with herself after discovering she has black ancestry. Brian Kerwin was also great in his scene, being completely threatening without even raising his voice. It's much harder for an actor to play a bad guy like this, and much more effective in creating a sense of terror in the audience.

The Kringle story was a mix of both sadness and stupidity. You initially feel bad for Joy after the discovery of the baby fetus inside of her, but when you see her husband's reaction, you end up feeling that she caught a lucky break. His return visit to McNamara/Troy with a newer, younger, hotter Mrs Clause was embarrassing, and a pathetically desperate method of getting back at his wife.

I loved the scenes between Sean and Julia. While their marriage has always been rooted in suckiness, I can't help but want them back together, and the final moment was really sweet. At the abortion clinic, both of them in separate rooms realize they want to have the baby, and as they meet in the corridor and realize they've just shared the same thoughts, you really have to sigh in happiness at the sight of them getting closer together again.

An excellent episode carefully balancing humor and pathos. Episodes like this are what Nip/Tuck does best, and it's another showcasing the fact that while season three started badly, it eventually found its footing at the end. A

Guest stars Brittany Snow (Ariel Alderman); G W Bailey (Wesley Kringle); Elizabeth Ruscio (Joy Kringle); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Luck Hari (Receptionist); Brian Kerwin (Eugene Alderman)
Writers Sean Jablonski, Jennifer Salt Director Greer Shephard

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