Monday, July 19, 2010

Dirty Sexy Money: The Lions (1.2)

Re-watching Dirty Sexy Money's first season, it struck me how I completely overlooked Donald Sutherland's acting at the time the show originally aired. Throughout the show's second episode, he gives a truly multi-layered performance, filled with subtle nuances that scream insight into his character. From his almost giddy excitement at the start of the episode to his understated devastation in the final scene, he's every bit deserving of his reputation as a big-screen legend.

Tripp is trying to keep his dynasty together, desperate to keep hidden the secrets that could tear the family and their reputation apart. His major scene with Leticia proved that there is still love there coming from both sides, despite Leticia's love for Dutch still well and truly alive. Like she said to Nick, she loves two men.

Elsewhere, there were two major subplots. The first, and undoubtedly the funniest, was Brian's continued desperation to get rid of his illegitimate son. The continued references to Brian Jr.'s alias, a Swedish orphan named Gustav, were hilarious, as were Tripp's attempts to converse with him. Juliet's absence from the family photograph and subsequent replacement by a stand-in reminded me of that Simpsons spin-off showcase episode, where some hot young blonde stepped in for Lisa when she refused to contribute to the family's variety show. Granted, it was still ridiculously funny.

So far, Dirty Sexy Money has successfully balanced between campy humor and heartfelt drama, occasionally dipping into both pools with equal relish. I'm still having fun with this. B+

Guest stars Daniel Cosgrove (Freddy Mason); Laura Margolis (Daisy); Chloe Grace Moretz (Kiki George); Kristin Bauer (Rebecca Colfax); Tamara Feldman (Natalie Kimpton); Neil Hopkins (Norman Exley); Candis Cayne (Carmelita Rainer); Roxana Brusso (Maria); Shawn Michael Patrick (Clark)
Writer Craig Wright Director Michael Grossman

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