Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Frankenlaura (3.6)

The surgery cases on Nip/Tuck usually work when there's an element of relatability to each scenario. For instance, Trudy Nye's domestic abuse, or Ellie Harkness' fight against her husband's Alzheimer’s. The problem with Silas Prine in Frankenlaura was that nobody can relate to him (hopefully, heh!). Outside of the fact that the Frankenstein story was both needlessly gross and nasty, Silas fails to gain any type of emotion from the audience. The parallels between him and Sean were also pretty non-existent. It's as if the writers needed to come up with some kind of purpose for him, and grasped at straws for this one.

Elsewhere, Julia's business venture seemed like a desperate attempt to give her something to do. Sean's verbal smackdown of her failings was low, but Julia's been such a pain in the ass recently that it was pretty welcome. Gina returned, nastier than ever. Gina's slowly becoming a caricature of her past self, which is disappointing to see. It would have been nice to see her as the confident, refreshed businesswoman glimpsed in her first scene this episode but, of course, then she went back to being a self-destructive ho. Shame.

Season three is definitely darker than anything Nip/Tuck has done before. The problem is that the writers seem to think "getting darker" means everything has to be depressing and bleak for the characters. It's not fun to watch Sean and Christian face a financial crisis, and it's certainly not entertaining to see Sean slicing up a corpse, and burning the severed head. What were they trying to say with this episode? Who knows? It just plain blew. F

Guest stars Raphael Sbarge (Silas Prine); John Prosky (Glen Easley); Alejandro Furth (Delivery Man); Lois Hill (Mrs. Ogulvie)
Writer Hank Chilton Director Michael M. Robin

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