Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Granville Trapp (3.5)

In retrospect, the Carver really wasn't good for the show. This episode in particular just didn't sit right, with story twists appearing to just be thrown in at random. And watching this episode after watching the season finale makes it seem even more lazily plotted.

Kit was still ridiculous. The fact that she is still working on the Carver case despite having slept with almost everyone involved is just lame, and the ridiculous explanation for her nymphomaniac behavior ("I was... uh... undercover!") was almost like the writers covering up a story that reeked of bad porno in the first place. I loved the near-catfight we got between her and Kimber, but the rest was pretty forgettable.

But, as they say, dig through all the crap and you can usually find gold. Christian's reunion with his birth mother was tragic, real, and beautifully performed by Julian McMahon. While the revelation that his real father was a crazy serial rapist felt shoe-horned in (to give the "evil gene" idea more weight), their reunion was such a moving scene. A welcome breather from all the stupidity of the rest of the episode.

It was disappointing to see Sean and Liz believing that Christian was guilty. It just didn't ring true that these characters would so quickly believe that the man they've known for so many years could be a murderous rapist.

The AIDs-face patient was intriguing, but that was unfortunately forgotten about in order to spend more time on the Carver hoodoo. Sometimes, like in the Rhea Reynolds episode, the Carver is handled well, but when the investigation comes into play full force (especially with Kit present), everything manages to fall apart. C

Guest stars Kathy Baker (Gail Pollack); Mary Page Keller (Andrea Hall); Erik Passoja (Granville Trapp); Larry Sullivan (Detective Myers); Conor O'Farrell (Detective Fischman); Rhona Mitra (Kit McGraw)
Writer Sean Jablonski Director Jeremy Podeswa

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