Thursday, June 17, 2010

The X-Files: Fresh Bones (2.15)

Another in a long line of this season's average episodes, Fresh Bones unsurprisingly features some neat ideas floating around and its fair share of bloody violence, both of which stop it from being completely forgettable.

The tension between the military and the Haitian illegals was interesting to watch, if a little off-topic for this show. And I appreciated the twist ending, with the voodoo evil coming from the conservative general rather than one of the imprisoned immigrants. The whole subplot with Chester could have been cut out, though. Reminded me a little too much of those "pesky, hustling ethnic kids" from some bad action movie, like a ghost of stereotype past. Eh.

The episode moves at a steady pace, which is interesting considering so little actually happens until right at the end. But it's definitely worth it, the man appearing out of Scully's hand, blood leaking from her mouth, and the screaming closer all sufficiantially creepy.

While there are some decent attempts at a "message", and some effective scares, it doesn't help cover up the fact that there isn't much too Fresh Bones, forgettable as it is. Rating C

Guest stars Bruce Young (Pierre Beauvais); Daniel Benzali (Colonel Wharton); Jamil Walker Smith (Chester Bonaparte); Matt Hill (Private Harry Dunham); Callum Keith Rennie (Groundskeeper); Steven Williams (X)
Writer Howard Gordon Director Rob Bowman

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