Friday, June 25, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Sean McNamara (2.15)

The sight of Gina slowly rotting away in a hospital bed was so sad. She's a terrible woman, but nobody deserves to go through the suffering of HIV, even when she took so many risks with her crazy sex life. Avoiding any preachy dialogue, the writers instead concentrate on the effect it has on Christian, and specifically how he'd feel if Wilber was revealed to be infected. Something like HIV can affect so many people, and just the scene of Christian repeatedly telling his past conquests to "stop crying" makes you want to rush out to your nearest pharmacy.

Watching season two for the second time, I'm surprised at how much I disliked The Carver storyline in this episode. First time round, I was obsessed with it, but watching it back again on DVD made me realize how out-of-place some of it was on this show. While the shot of The Carver suddenly appearing behind Sean in the shower and any appearance of that terrifying mask is still effective, as a whole the story seems so different for this show, which rarely goes into such a dark, violent place.

Elsewhere, Kimber seems to have moved up in the world and is now directing porno movies. I loved that one of the nurses was called Kimberly. And you can totally see Sean and Julia are close to reconciling. Maybe The Carver's attack made him realize what a tool he had been...

Outside of the Gina storyline, the rest of Sean McNamara wasn't that great. The Carver was an awesome bad guy first time round but, in retrospect, just didn't fit this show. B+

Guest stars Bruno Campos (Dr. Quentin Costa); Kelly Carlson (Kimber Henry); Georg Stanford Brown (James Sutherland); Colin Egglesfield (Mr. Rourke); Mary Page Keller (Andrea Hall); D.W. Moffett (Kevin Hotchkiss); Conor O'Farrell (Detective Fischman); Rebecca Staab (Gwen Camden); Jessalyn Gilsig (Gina Russo)
Writer Brad Falchuk Director Michael M. Robin

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