Friday, June 25, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Joan Rivers (2.16)

Saying Ava being outed as a transsexual was a huge shock is the understatement of the century. Looking back now, there were always subtle clues to her past. Right back in Ava's second appearance, there was that awkward silence after Matt asked her if she knew what walking around with an erection all day was like. Obviously, at the time, she said no. Ha! Famke Janssen stole the show this season, and waits till the last episode to give her greatest performance. Her scene with Adrian was completely heartbreaking. While we learned to love Ava over these last couple of episodes, you can't deny that anybody who destroys somebody's life like that is a monster in several ways. But as Ava weeps over her son's corpse, you realize that she really did love him.

Ava's entire life was screwed up. Based on what her ex-husband said, she only underwent transgender surgery to be with him in the first place, which is just plain sad. Nobody should cut up their body just for one man, and I can only imagine how devastated she was after Barrett revealed he still saw her as Avery, despite all the surgery.

I loved the parallels between the transgender support group woman's thoughts about knowing you're a complete person after getting through airport security without any humiliation and Ava's final curtain. She looked stunning when walking through the airport lounge and it's great to see such a powerful character have a happy ending. Her scenes with Christian this episode were amazing. Like they said, they're both powerful, sexually dominant individuals, and to see them go up against each other and push each other's buttons was something so erotically-charged and exciting.

Joan Rivers was great in her small cameo. A surprisingly good actress, I loved seeing somebody so upfront over her plastic surgery appear on the show. Showcasing her barbed humor and fame whorish-ways, she was a hoot, and made for a needed comedic bookend to the dark, depressing drama of the rest of the episode.

The final moments were terrifying. We all figured The Carver would go after Sean, so to see Christian end up his latest victim was so shocking. It's even more devastating knowing Christian's past, and realizing he'd have to experience more sexual abuse at the hands of a tougher, stronger predator.

A stunning, shocking and amazingly well-performed season finale, Joan Rivers manages to send Nip/Tuck out with a bang, bringing to a close one of the most breathtaking and well-written seasons ever aired on television. A+

Guest stars Famke Janssen (Ava Moore); Alec Baldwin (Dr. Barrett Moore); Seth Gabel (Adrian Moore); Robert LaSardo (Escobar Gallardo); Conor O'Farrell (Detective Fischman); Tasha Smith (Carol Nelson); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Todd Cattell (J.T.); Mario Schugel (Joe)
Writer Ryan Murphy Director Ryan Murphy


  1. Been stalking your blog for a while now, mostly for the NipTuck reviews. Just wanted to finally leave a note and say you have great insights, not to mention perseverance hehe. Keep writing!

  2. Ah, thanks so much! My Nip/Tuck reviews actually get a lot better (I'm thinking of re-writing the ones for the first two seasons at some point), so thanks for sticking with the site despite some of the crumminess here and there.

    And thanks for commenting, Mandy :)

  3. Just noticed that in the background, when Sean is looking in the mirror, before taking his gun, there is an image of Escobar in the mirror behind him.

  4. I've recently started to re-watch Nip/Tuck all over again and I stumbled across your blog! Great analysis of the show, keep up the good work!