Thursday, June 17, 2010

The X-Files: Colony (2.16)

If you ignore the obvious Terminator knock-off that is the Alien Bounty Hunter, Colony is a pretty entertaining opener to The X-Files' first, real two-parter. After a run of routine case-of-the-week episodes, this is the show's attempt to go back to its supposed protagonist and Samantha's childhood abduction. While it's undoubtedly fun, there are still noticeable loopholes throughout.

Frustratingly, Colony seems to rely on Mulder's stupidity, flaws he's never exhibited before. It's odd seeing him so believing of Samantha's return, not daring to question its authenticity despite simultaneously investigating a case involving clones and government conspiracies. Even weirder is Scully (!) attempting to get him to think more and go back to his "Trust No One" mantra. At the same time, the teaser feels completely out-of-place. I had assumed that this was a two-hour episode broadcast on the same night back in 1995, but I was wrong. It's unusual to have an opener like that which isn't followed up on at all.

On a separate note, Colony feels to me like the very first X-Files episode completely out of the realms of possibility. It's an uneasy feeling that a show which has dedicated so much time to mere possibilities of UFO life and the conspiracies helping to cover it up suddenly features an episode full of shapeshifting, alien ooze, clones and fetuses. It's a little abrupt, but I don't think it necessarily impacts the episode as a whole.

Abrupt, yes. Believable? Not so much. But this was undeniably fun, featuring some entertaining stalk-and-slash moments and chases down dark Vancouver alleyways. Excited for part two. Rating B

Guest stars Peter Donat (William Mulder); Brian Thompson (Alien Bounty Hunter); Dana Gladstone (Dr. Landon Price); Megan Leitch (Samantha Mulder); Tom Butler (Agent Ambrose Chapel); Mitch Pileggi (A.D. Walter Skinner)
Teleplay Chris Carter Story David Duchovny, Chris Carter Director Nick Marck

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