Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Oona Wentworth (2.13)

After killing that show dog and having his business crumble around him, you just knew Bobolit would come back a complete wreck. So, what do you know, one year later and he's become a crazy drug addicted psycho!

Plastic surgery has become such a desired thing nowadays, that it's depressing to see the women in this episode signing up to get work done by creepy, cut-price plastic surgeons like Bobolit. The opening scene, with all the maids coming together to get botox, was distressing to watch, but the fact that the maid at the center of the botox party showed up for more surgery at Madam Rose's right at the end of the episode was so tragic to see. Are people so desperate for perfection that they risk their lives again and again, despite being horribly disfigured by this guy the first time round?

The entire Madam Rose operation creeped me out. Once I got over the shock of seeing Karen Maruyama (aka Ms. "You owe me three dollah!!" on Curb Your Enthusiasm) in a serious role, I was completely disturbed by her calm and collected evilness. When the J-Lo wannabe died on the operating table, she effortlessly pulled out the buzz saw and got slicing, like she does it every day! You almost felt bad for Bobolit and his circumstances, but that still doesn't overshadow the fact that he's a complete psychopath. It's impossible to cut somebody else's face off and stick it onto your own, yet this trained professional thought everything would work out fine. Joey Slotnick has put in consistently great performances as Bobolit, and made his slide into "crazy hack surgeon" extremely believable and brutal.

I loved the Ava storyline, as always. The wacky family dynamics on this show came to a head in both principal's office scenes. Featuring two different fathers for Matt, a major incestuous vibe between Ava and Adrian (at that point it wasn't... ick... confirmed), and Ava's baiting of Christian and Matt's feelings for her, both scenes were just plain awesome.

Another excellent episode which uses Bobolit perfectly. It's pretty gory, even by Nip/Tuck's standards, but if you look away during the Bobolit face-slicing/woman-cutting scenes, everything will be dandy. A

Guest stars Famke Janssen (Ava Moore); Joey Slotnick (Dr. Merrill Bobolit); Brooks Almy (Oona Wentworth); Seth Gabel (Adrian Moore); Karen Maruyama (Madam Rose); Zilah Mendoza (Miss Garcia); Maria Carmen (Felicia Navez); Natasha Pavlovich (Hannah)
Writers Sean Jablonski, Jennifer Salt Director Scott Brazil

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