Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Kimber Henry (2.10)

Kimber was so great in this episode. While it's depressing that she's ended up in the porn industry, you can tell she has her head screwed on right, seeing her sex doll as a "business opportunity", instead of some new way to become a bigger whore or something. I also liked that she acted generally nice toward people, especially Julia. Kimber's conversation with Sean about masochism was particularly intelligent for her to be talking about, and it looked like Kelly Carlson enjoyed exploring that side of her character. She's an awesome actress, and when given material like this she can shine.

I found Sean's treatment of Julia unnecessarily cruel. Yes, Julia did something wrong, but you have to see things from her perspective. She only recently discovered that Matt isn't Sean's son, and realizes that one foolish night in college resulted in the breakdown of her marriage seventeen years later. But Sean was plain nasty to her, especially when he reveled in her discomfort at Kimber's presence the morning after they slept together.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Ike Connors subplot. I actually agreed with Sean that it was mostly a publicity stunt, and I was never hugely convinced by it being something to make him "better understand his wife's cancer". Plus the revelation that Amy was questioning her sexuality seemed a little tagged-on and unnecessary. Eh, by far the low point of an otherwise great episode.

Featuring a memorable but ultimately depressing sex scene between Sean and a plastic doll, Kimber Henry was a powerful episode with a series-best performance by Kelly Carlson. A-

Guest stars Jeffrey Nordling (Roger); Kelly Carlson (Kimber Henry); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Jessica Steen (Amy Connors); J.K. Simmons (Ike Connors)
Writer Jennifer Salt Director Nelson McCormick

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