Thursday, December 9, 2010

The X-Files: Tempus Fugit (4.17)

Even without the inclusion of Max Fenig, this episode is a total throwback to the first season, where the conspiracy episodes weren't awash in a sea of vagueness, ambiguous characters like The Cigarette-Smoking Man hadn't been run into the ground, and there was an attractive simplicity to the mysteries of UFOs and cover-ups. The idea of losing nine minutes of time is one of my favorite X-Files motifs, and while it isn't explained or evolved upon here, it's nice to see to it resurfacing.

While the speeding-under-the-jet scene was a trademark X-Files 'gratuitous action sequence', there was a scope to the episode which worked really well. From that stunning crane shot of the downed airplane to the voyage beneath the ocean right before the end credits, this is the show once again feeling like a big-screen movie. It was also great to see shadowy men in suits physically removing evidence and covering things up, instead of folks like the CSM sitting in darkened rooms pondering about the universe or whatever. Tempus Fugit just feels right.

I loved the scene at the beginning with Scully's birthday. She notes that Mulder hasn't remembered it in the four years they've worked together, and I loved the flirtatious banter between them, especially Mulder's response that he celebrates birthdays in 'dog years'. I guess it was kind of unfortunate, however, that as soon as she gets her gift, Scully is pounced on by a woman desperate for their help. Sucks to be her, show. Excited for part two... A

Guest stars Joe Spano (Mike Millar); Tom O'Brien (Louis Frisch); Scott Bellis (Max Fenig); Chilton Crane (Sharon Graffia); Brendan Beiser (Agent Pendrell)
Writers Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz Director Rob Bowman

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