Thursday, December 2, 2010

Charmed: I've Got You Under My Skin (1.2)

It's always bugged me that so many movies and TV shows perpetuate the myth that witches were burned at the stake. Especially a show that actually revolves around witches themselves. It was particularly noticeable in this episode, with Piper watching a documentary which made all kinds of unfounded claims about burnings and lightening bolts. Yeesh. What network is she watching? Piper's subplot here was actually pretty sweet, all things considered. Her nerves over her powers making her 'evil' were understandable, and it was a far greater example of the various 'dealing' storylines the show explored just as it began, compared to Prue's anger over using their powers at all...

The Javna story was pretty generic, a lazily scripted villain subplot with twists projected from a mile away (the tattoo motif was awful). It's also a little disappointing that the show relied on yet another 'sister-in-peril' finale for the second episode in a row. And we had a random blonde killed off in the teaser again.

Prue's two subplots don't do a whole lot. Andy exists only as a romantic foil. He has no real personality of his own, and his various arguments with Prue here just get replayed over and over again as the season progresses. At the same time, Prue's job at Buckland's is alternately promising. Rex and Hannah know she's a witch, and we have our first recurring villains.

Charmed took a long while to find its footing, and this is the first of numerous 'blah' season one hours. The characterization is pretty basic, likewise the action. Meh. C-

Guest stars Michael Philip (Stefan); Neil Roberts (Rex Buckland); Leigh-Allyn Baker (Hannah Webster); Marc Shelton (Pastor Williams); Bailey Luetgert (Alec); Barbara Pilavin (Older Brittany); Cynthia King (Brittany Reynolds)
Writer Brad Kern Director John T. Kretchmer

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