Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birds of Prey: Gladiatrix (1.10)

A host of shows in the early 2000's did the 'cage-fighting' episode, presumably as a response to the flash-in-the-pan mainstream popularity of WWE and those other homoerotic brain-bashing shows. Honestly, none of them were successful. Angel, Charmed, they all blew. Birds of Prey is no different. It's another misconceived hour with an Adam West-era Batman villain, an annoyingly shrill Dinah subplot and contrived character development. It also makes the epic mistake that effects a lot of these episodes, with the butch stunt doubles for the fighting girls, and that annoying thing where after every punch or kick, the hero makes some annoying quip about her opponent. It's just really, really irritating.

The writers are definitely creating more of an ensemble feel to the show, but it's still a little contrived. I liked the characters working as a team, but it's frustrating that Dinah is now some kick-ass supergirl. Sure, we had one or two training montages, but I don't believe that she's reached such a high level of combat where she's now equally as kick-ass as Helena. And her whiny "why don't you trust me with my mad fighting skillzz!!!" shtick was ridiculously annoying. I really want her off my TV set.

So... what else? I dug Barbara's Farrah hair. And that was Coach Beiste as the butch prison warden, right? And it was welcome to see Reese getting in with the team. Eh. I'm reaching for comments. Donovan Leitch was pretty hammy as the one-eyed ring leader. But, then again, maybe that's what the show is aiming for in terms of villains? They haven't exhibited huge ambition so far... C-

Guest stars Donovan Leitch (Malcolm Lagg); Abby Brammell (Claire Fordhart)
Writer David H. Goodman Director David Carson

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