Thursday, December 2, 2010

Undercovers: Crashed (1.8)

This show has a lot to learn when it comes to revelations. Two episodes ago, we discovered Steven's big secret reason for getting thrown out of the training unit. Was it undercover espionage? Somebody was killed? Nope. He hacked into a database to find out Samantha's name. He thought she was cute. Snore. Now, in Crashed, we discover some haunting memories from Sam's past. Something interesting happened? Not really. She killed somebody who was torturing her. All performed with Gugu Mbatha-Raw's dead-eyed, vacant stare. Sorry for being so harsh on her. She kinda sucked here. And she destroyed that huge cake, the bitch!

Crashed was the first episode aired after it was announced that NBC had cancelled Undercovers. I wasn't surprised. The ratings were appalling, the budget was clearly high. But the real problem is that this show has become a real chore to watch every week. The missions, while always featuring at least one decent set-piece (this week's being the minefield), are universally flat, running off on tangents that fail to capitalize on the spark of the teaser sequences. It's so strange, too, knowing who is behind the series.

Lizzy's subplot really bothered me. We're told how important the bitchy client was, we're shown Sam's concern about handing over control duties to Lizzy. Yet, when it all goes awry and the client fires the Bloom's company, Sam is just happy that they never have to work for her again. So... I guess she wasn't that important in the first place then? It just felt so lazy and contrived.

The mystery man who spared Sam and, later, his connection with Major Dad would be intriguing on any other show. But when the mysteries so far have been followed up with tepid revelations, I'm not exactly excited. I don't trust that the show knows how to handle the characters or the format. And, once again, the show drops Leo for an episode. Meh. Rating C-

Guest stars Chad Everett (Mystery Guy); Chris McKenna (Joseph Korman)
Writer Anthony Sparks Director Rosemary Rodriguez

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