Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Rose and Raven Rosenberg (2.9)

It's a transparent metaphor, but undoubtedly a powerful one. Like Rose and Raven Rosenberg, Sean and Christian can be split apart, but they'll never be as strong as individuals. The two together is where the talent happens.

The most interesting aspect of the episode, at least from my perspective, was the honesty of Sean and Christian's sex lives. While flying to New York, Sean asked Christian some deeply personal questions over his sexual obsession with Julia and the night they spent together. Christian surprisingly answers all questions honestly, realizing he owes him that. The threesome was also interesting, with both Sean and Christian stuck in a world where they both have Julia.

I loved that they cast real-life conjoined twins for the roles of Rose and Raven. It made the episode a lot more realistic, and I liked that the question-and-answer session between the doctors and the Rosenberg's seemed really improvised, like the Schappell's were actually being asked those questions there and then. The prosthetics used for the separated twins were also really impressive. I imagine they were extremely difficult to build, so congrats to the effects team for making them look so realistic.

A sad but ultimately hopeful episode which features several moving storylines. They could never keep Sean and Christian apart for a long while, and their reunion was expected, but I liked that they paralleled the twins' operation with the surgeon's own separation. A

Guest stars Jack Coleman (Dr. Avery Atherton); Mia Korf (Lawyer); Jenny O'Hara (Rachel Rosenberg); Lori Schappell (Rose Rosenberg); Reba Schappell (Raven Rosenberg); Jennifer O'Dell (Renee); Ajay Mehta (Dr. Sheelen Jeevan); Wylie Small (Dr. Carrie Kozinn)
Writers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk Director Elodie Keene

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