Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Bobbi Broderick (2.6)

Ava Moore didn't make a huge impression in her first appearance, but she completely storms through the show in this episode. The best scenes were undoubtedly the ones between her and Christian. They have chemistry that practically leaks off the screen, and it's amazing to see these two powerful, sexually-confident titans go up against each other. Their banter is hilarious, each line being another back-handed compliment or a brutal insult. Ava casually blackmails him into giving her what she wants, and Famke Janssen clearly loves this role. The scene where Christian harshly sticks the botox into her head and she barely flinches was awesome, and there was something so raw and sexy about it all. These two plain rock together.

As a professional, I'm sure Ava is breaking a gazillion rules in the Life Coach Code of Conduct. Her methods are completely unethical, ranging from stripping off in front of her patients (supposedly a "trust exercise") to promising sex acts in return for good grades. Her relationship with Matt feels icky, especially in the scene where Ava told him to "eat his vegetables". There's a weird incestuous vibe to their union, and it makes all their scenes uncomfortable to watch. The introduction of Ava's son, who appears to walk around the house naked all the time, makes the whole thing even more squicky.

The two patients of the week were really memorable. Bobbi Broderick is one of those nutjobs you can't help feel bad for. She's washed-up, passed her middle-age, and desperate for some kind of meaning in her life. It's almost like she's making such a big deal over her momentary bruising just to get some attention. Jill Clayburgh was excellent in the part, and completely deserved her Emmy nomination. The other medical case was also great, and it featured another stand-out guest performance. Elaine Hausman was hilarious as the sexually unaware housewife who has her labia folds surgically placed on her lips after her real lips were burnt away in a kitchen accident. Her joyful "put my pussy on my lips!" remark was great...

A completely awesome episode featuring a stunning performance from Famke Janssen, Nip/Tuck has always been a trashy soap opera with better writing and better acting, but it was severely lacking in the "evil, manipulative hell-b*tch" department. Ava fills that hole perfectly. A+

Guest stars Famke Janssen (Ava Moore); Seth Gabel (Adrian Moore); Elaine Hausman (Allegra Caldarello); Richard Portnow (Manny Caldarello); Jill Clayburgh (Bobbi Broderick)
Writers Lyn Greene, Richard Levine Director Michael M. Robin

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