Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Joel Gideon (2.5)

Ever since the end of season one, we always knew the beautiful relationship between Christian and Wilber would end in sadness. Joel Gideon sees the end of the road for their father/son dynamic, and it's an undeniably weepy closer.

You have to feel bad for Christian. In just one day, he loses a child he sees as his son, and then learns that he already has a son: Matt. The resolution to the Wilber custody battle was moving, but hardly surprising. Gina, as much as she protests that she's a changed woman, is still an unfit mother with aggressive tendencies, and Christian, like James Sutherland's wife pointed out, has no blood connection to Wilber or a relationship connection to Gina either. So what exactly is he? It was a question left unanswered in the episode, but one that was pretty heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, Sean got some kind of risk addiction following a car accident. While it didn't exactly produce anything memorable, the story at least allowed Sean to loosen up a little, and realize that just because he isn't as outrageous and dangerous as Christian doesn't make him less of a person. I found the car smash-up scenes really creepy, especially when they used cadavers to test the safety of their vehicles. Does that actually happen in real life?

One of the more forgettable episodes from season two, Joel Gideon brought the Wilber storyline to a close (for now, anyway...) in a heartbreaking way, and Julian McMahon put in a powerful performance. But outside of that storyline, the rest was pretty average. B

Guest stars Georg Stanford Brown (James Sutherland); Ashley Crow (Judge); Michael Cudlitz (Brody); Larry Poindexter (Mr. Kintner); Doug Savant (Joel Gideon); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Denise Dowse (Cecily Sutherland); Timothy V. Murphy (Quinn); Jessalyn Gilsig (Gina Russo)
Writer Brad Falchuk Director Nelson McCormick

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