Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Naomi Gaines (2.7)

Famke Janssen just won't quit it. She's already stolen the show, but now she's running with it too. The writers have created such a venomous woman, but one you can't help but love. There's nothing more appealing on these kinds of shows than a female character that can run circles around every other character, wrapping them all around her little finger, while barely breaking a sweat.

There's a major incestuous vibe between Ava and Adrian, as well as a volatile, violent aspect to their relationship too. Adrian is the definition of disturbed, and comes off isolated, alone, screwed up and generally unaware of how to act around people. All of this is because of Ava though, who's pure evil. Her calculated "you're not too old for a backhand and I'm wearing heavy rings" was so demeaning to him. She's just crazy.

The dinner party bringing together the McNamara's and the Moore's was a disaster waiting to happen. It wasn't surprising when Adrian spilled the beans about Matt and Ava's affair, but the aftermath was one of the greatest Nip/Tuck scenes in history. Joely Richardson completely rocked it as she yelled at Ava, and Famke Janssen was so deliciously evil, throwing Julia's "sex shame" in her face and generally treating her like dirt. I loved Julia getting right up in her face and throwing her the hell out. But, as always, Ava had another trick up her sleeve, and later told Matt that Sean isn't his father. Man, she's pure evil.

If the Ava story wasn't epic enough, we also had two great subplots. The Naomi Gaines story introduced the terrifying Carver, and Leslie Bibb was perfect in her guest role as the young model whose career was ruined by a brutal rape attack. I also loved the resolution to the Bobbi Broderick storyline. The writers could have easily dismissed her as a crazy old shrew, but they actually made her both endearing and understandable. They even kinda gave her a happy ending.

An awesome episode from start to finish and featuring another show-stealing performance from Famke Janssen as crazy Ava. Naomi Gaines set up several major storylines, and did so perfectly. A+

Guest stars
Famke Janssen (Ava Moore); Leslie Bibb (Naomi Gaines); Seth Gabel (Adrian Moore); Mary Page Keller (Andrea Hall); Barbara Tarbuck (Mrs. Declan); Jill Clayburgh (Bobbi Broderick)

Writer Sean Jablonski Director Craig Zisk

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