Monday, April 5, 2010

The X-Files: Lazarus (1.15)

While the idea of spirits transferring from one body to another is an interesting one, there's something flat about this episode, and it's probably one of the most forgettable hours from the first season, despite a reasonably intense guest performance from Christopher Allport.

I got the impression that having Agent Willis be Scully's ex-lover was a vague attempt at trying to give the limp storyline some needed resonance for one of our protagonists, but it never really worked for me. Elsewhere, the two convicts, straight out of Pulp Fiction, were a little on the nose, too.

I don't know if I liked Mulder and Scully teaming up with regular FBI agents on pretty standard cases. It felt a little too real for this show, which took away the magic. Plus, it didn't help that the FBI tracking scenes were more than a little clich├ęd, and the fact that the FBI agents themselves were standard stereotypes, especially the grizzled boss-dude who didn't seem to give a damn about anything that was happening.

Lazarus has some nice ideas, but none of them are executed well enough to make the episode either memorable, or even that interesting. Rating D

Guest stars Christopher Allport (Agent Jack Willis); Cec Verrell (Lula Phillips); Jackson Davies (Agent Bruskin)
Writer Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon Director David Nutter

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