Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Mrs. Grubman (2.4)

The concept of growing older plays an important part in practically every Nip/Tuck episode, but it was particularly evident here, with Annie hitting early puberty, Julia accepting that she is getting older, and Kimber making herself look older through a spiraling coke addiction.

I loved the parallels between Kimber and Annie, with both being depicted as "princesses". In Kimber's case, she's already been torn apart by the big bad wolf, while Annie is in the middle of being told how to avoid such a fate. Kelly Carlson was awesome in this episode, especially in the restaurant scene with Christian. She managed to convince the audience as both the bitter, twisted Kimber she was at the end of last season, and the pathetic, lonely Kimber desperate for some kind of affection. It was tragic to see her crawling around on the floor for cocaine in the bathroom, and then returning to the porn industry at the end. She's an amazing character, and you just have to feel bad for her.

Annie's development also produced a great subplot. Suzanne Epstein's shocking and vaguely racist tale of "Princess Menses" being lured into the big bad wolf's "crib" was unbelievably graphic, and Nancy Cassaro was hilarious as the shameless socialite who's completely unaware of how life really works, and what is important.

Mrs Grubman returned, and Ruth Williamson put in another brave, tear-inducing performance. It was so shocking to see her at the end of the episode, looking so old after her stroke. It was a sad, honest parallel to how she looked in all her other appearances on the show.

A moving episode with several emotionally-powered storylines. Featuring amazing performances from two notable recurring guest stars, Mrs Grubman makes you cry, laugh and almost hurl in equal measure. A+

Guest stars
Kelly Carlson (Kimber Henry); Nancy Cassaro (Suzanne Epstein); Ruth Williamson (Hedda Grubman); Georg Stanford Brown (James Sutherland); Timothy Omundson (Jeremy Saddler); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Jane Daly (Doctor); Alla Korot (Claire Grubman)
Writer Jennifer Salt Director Jamie Babbit

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  1. Bravo to Kelly Carlson, like you said. I think it's tempting to overlook the complexity the actress brings to Kimber. She could be played as just another bitch-harlot but she makes you feel.