Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charmed: The Last Temptation of Christy (8.15)

So the season is at last launching into its major final arc. As much as I dislike Billie and Christy being at the center of it, I appreciate the forward momentum, as well as the return of the Triad -- logic be damned that Cole vanquished them, but whatever... Sure, you can roll your eyes at all the dramatic dialogue about 'the Key' and Billie's continued insistence on being as moronic as possible, but there's was the only storyline this week that actually felt purposeful. It still sucks that the Charmed Ones have become an irrelevant presence in their own series, but I guess we just have to sit back and deal.

Watching season eight again, it's surprising to see how little Leo's departure has ruptured the show. Both Paige and Phoebe seem entirely unaffected, like his need to be rescued is more of a burden than anything else, while Piper doesn't seem too concerned either. Compared to her season long depression in season six, it feels ridiculously contrived as a result. With the return of some random fuck-buddy from that same season, we even have Paige suggesting Piper start dating him again. What?? The story could have been effective if the returning ex was somebody actually important, like Dan from season two or whoever, but instead the whole thing feels superfluous and unnecessary. And, yes, I was just crying out for a return from human cinder block Dan Gordon, but that's what this season has done to me!

Paige's story was horrible. There are few words for how weak Simon was as a plot device, and I don't understand why the writers thought this would be a strong means to get Henry to propose. Speaking of that engagement closer, this is way too fast a marriage, regardless of how much chemistry they have. I'll talk more about my problems with this later on, in order to hold back on spoilers for first-time viewers, but it's something that bothers me about Charmed's final season and the messages it conveys.

It's difficult to care about anything that's happening right now, but the aforementioned momentum is there, and I guess that's worth celebrating. I just wish the sisters were more actively involved in it all, as it doesn't feel right that the show is ending like this. D+

Guest stars
Ivan Sergei (Henry Mitchell); Warren Derosa (Simon Marks); Jason Shaw (Greg); Allan Louis (Dreylock); Jason Manuel Olazabal (Java); Leland Crooke (Candor); Steven J. Oliver (Asmodeus); Soren Oliver (Baliel); Marnette Patterson (Christy Jenkins)
Teleplay Liz Sagal Story Rick Muirragui Director John Kretchmer


  1. Something I've come to notice from your reviews: Charmed comes up with really weird/bad episode titles, this one being an example of it. They try to be clever and funny, but usually fail at it. It ends up being sort of amusing, somehow.

  2. Ha! I know, right? Puns in general are always sort of lame, especially all the variations on "witch" that they used on Charmed. God, that was annoying.