Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Charmed: Kill Billie Vol. 2 (8.21)

Let's open with discussing how impressive that coda is. It starts off with pyrotechnic mayhem as both sets of sisters send various strands of CGI at each other, producing an elaborate explosion that rips apart the Manor and sends everybody flying, killing almost the entire cast in the process. What follows is the most anticipated beatdown since Ali vs Frazier, Piper leaping on top of raggedy dingleberry Billie and pummeling her repeatedly. It's crazily fun. But it's easy to forget that this only occurs in the last five minutes, the rest of the hour being so painfully long-winded that you have to question why it's such a popular episode in fan circles.

Most of this week is taken up by the sisters gradually coming around to the idea of ingesting the Hollow for the final battle, all their dithering being believable from a character stand-point but not exactly thrilling to watch for thirty minutes. There's also some hooey with two demons who want to strike up a partnership with the Charmed Ones in order to defeat the Triad once and for all, but since one of them is another dead-eyed British annoyance, it's never particularly absorbing.

One element of interest is Billie Jenkins and her improbable allegiances. Most of her recent scenes with Christy involve her being generally freaked out by Christy's overt craziness, yet she's back to sniping at the Halliwells whenever they confront one another. I don't understand this character at all anymore, and I'm certainly not eager to see her get redeemed in the final episode -- something I'm sure Brad Kern wanted us all to hope for.

There's a lot of padding here, but those final scenes are spectacular. Holly is incredible, it's great to see Leo again, and both Phoebe's body in the rubble and that intense smackdown are obviously shocking. Just one more left, people. C-

Crimes of Fashion It's the last time you'll ever play Phoebe Halliwell, and it's the last image we get of her -- and you're wearing unattractive sweat-pants and a pair of goddamn Uggs! Seriously?

Guest stars
Marnette Patterson (Christy Jenkins); Anthony Cistaro (Dumain); James Read (Victor Bennet); Rebecca Balding (Elise Rothman); Leland Crooke (Candor); Rik Young (Nomed); Donn Swaby (Zohar); Denise Dowse (The Angel of Destiny); Soren Oliver (Baliel); Steven J. Oliver (Asmodeus); Victor Webster (Coop)
Writer Brad Kern Director Jon Paré

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  1. This is one of the most overrated episodes of the show ever so I'm glad you didn't think it was epic either. Really it only had two great scenes; the first action sequence as the two sets of sisters blow each through walls with the dueling potions, and of course that final Manor explosion sequence.

    The rest, is pathetic like the rest of this insipid year. I will never understand why "fans" constantly praise it. It's probably because the notion of it is better on paper. The execution is mostly atrocious.