Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Charmed: Styx Feet Under (7.5)

This works like something of a sequel to season three's Death Takes a Halliwell, another episode in which the Angel of Death lamented over the importance of his job to a not-so-agreeable Charmed One. It's not as earnest and moving as that previous hour, but still manages to be something pretty absorbing, notably when the fundamental importance of death gradually begins to dawn on Piper. Styx Feet Under works well in spite of Charmed's overriding plotholes relating to death, as well as the continued existence of ridiculous plot devices like 'protection spells'.

But it's undeniable that parts of Styx Feet Under strike you as more than a little messy. A lot of attention is given to 'the grand design', which doesn't correspond with a whole bunch of Charmed episodes lately, but that doesn't necessarily impact on the episode's power. It's an hour where characters learn something important, and while it'll probably get forgotten by the start of next episode, it's welcome to see it at all.

The episode drags a little whenever we learn more about Sirk and his human life, but I think that's just because I'm tired of the demons on this show in general. I guess I should be appreciative that Sirk is something a little different, even if he's played in the exact same 'crush-kill-destroy' manor that has made these characters so disposable. There's also a brief Charisma Carpenter guest spot, but she gets even less to do here than in Cheaper by the Coven.

Styx Feet Under isn't flawless, but its heart is in the right place and both Holly and Rose approach the script with a ton of conviction. Holly in particular always grasps Piper-driven stories at the horn and runs with them, anyway. Skip through the Phoebe/Leslie shit though, if you have any sanity. B-

Guest stars Nick Lachey (Leslie St. Claire); Simon Templeman (The Angel of Death); Zack Ward (Sirk); Michael Milhoan (Arthur); Ely Pouget (Harriet Casey); Eddie Velez (Inspector); Katie Wagner (Reporter); Kerr Smith (Kyle Brody); Charisma Carpenter (Kira)
Writer Henry Alonso Myers Director Christopher Leitch


  1. I like this one, too. Holly really sells it, but the writing itself is actually strangely great too.

    I can't wait to read your thoughts on Witchness Protection. One of the strongest of the season, I think.

  2. Can't wait for Witchness Protection either. It's my favorite episode of the season.
    Styx Feet Under is completely saved by Holly. Even though it's well made, I find it strangely forgettable though.

  3. Big fan of that episode here. Some of Charisma's finest work on any show.