Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charmed: Someone to Witch Over Me (7.7)

While I'm enjoying the various plot threads that are gradually coming together, this script was a mess from start to finish. The most important action occurred during Leo's subplot, even if his entire vision quest was an unnecessary detour down clipshow alley with a return from Drew Fuller that nobody sane asked for. We finally learn a little about the Avatars, and you can see why Leo would be attracted to their plan. A world without good or evil? Surely that would be pretty great, right? It sounds promising, even though it's ridiculously clear that things aren't going to end up as promised.

But it's a story that feels different, a 'big bad' that wants to change the world instead of simply ending it. Seasons five and six were bogged down in antagonists who wanted to kill things and destroy the world for no real reason, and I love that we're entering into ambiguous territory once again.

Everything else in Someone to Witch Over Me feels a little half-assed, though. The Brody storyline brings him and Paige closer together, but Sarpedon was never absorbing as a character, and the whole thing ended up dragging something fierce once Brody was kidnapped and the sisters had to do the same thing they always do. I also had a problem with the whole 'guardian angel' approach, another element of Charmed mythology that should have been brought up already. How many magical creatures are looking out for everyday people? We've already had muses and Cupids and leprechauns... it feels forced. Eh.

This was an annoying misfire, but the wheels are in motion for an intriguing new story arc, and while I wish Leo wasn't directly at the center of it, I'm having fun nonetheless. D+

Guest stars Drew Fuller (Chris Perry); Neil Hopkins (Sarpedon); Peter Woodward (Aku); Joel Swetow (Alpha); Ian Anthony Dale (Gamma); Kerr Smith (Kyle Brody); The Donnas (Themselves)
Writer Rob Wright Director Jon Paré

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