Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charmed: Heartbreak City (2.10)

Phoebe is all 'woe is me' here, naval-gazing and being generally mopey despite making everything worse for herself by hanging out with two couples on a daily basis. Doesn't she have friends away from her sisters? This episode mostly revolves around Phoebe and her love life. Or, to be more specific, lack of a love life. I find it amusing that the writers seem to have pulled this plot strand out of their butts. She's considered the most fun-loving and man-crazed sister, yet suddenly is written as a woman on the verge of cat lady territory because she happens to be the one single sister right now? Gah.

The A-plot here is generic Charmed. There's a in-brand spin on a literary/mythological character, a scenery-chewing bad guy and some innocents to save. The story runs out of steam twenty minutes in when Drazi is first vanquished, and continues to drag on until its expected conclusion.

The only decent angle to the episode is the brief scene with Dan and Jack. It's always interesting to see ancillary characters discussing the Halliwell's, especially Dan's reference to all the random men that appear in their house and then suddenly disappear. Leo, 'Manny', Eric, Kyle, the baby next episode. It's so silly, but somehow it doesn't end up a trainwreck. Heartbreak City is the definition of filler episode. It's great background TV, but nothing particularly memorable or interesting. D+

Crimes of Fashion This isn't set around Halloween, so why is Prue wearing that elaborate Native American get-up in the teaser sequence? The giant poncho, the braided hair? Ridiculous. And if she wanted to go for a complete ensemble, why is she wearing those big ugly sneakers at the same time? Ugh.

Guest stars Clayton Rohner (Cupid); Michael Reilly Burke (Drazi); Lochlyn Munro (Jack Sheridan)
Writer David Simkins Director Michael Zinberg

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