Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dirty Sexy Money: The Family Lawyer (2.2)

The responsibility entrusted to Nick is at this point entirely ridiculous. This episode in particular sees him handling Leticia's arrest, then representing her as a lawyer, planning Ellen's funeral and deciding which Darling sibling should inherit the kingdom, while later he's entrusted with the job itself. Throw in the boat and the birthday party last episode, and literally everything is revolving around him. I don't actually blame Brian for hating his guts. He seems to get the attention that absolutely nobody else in the actual family gets.

On his responsibility, he's always been taken advantage of, but it's a little irritating to see him bend over backwards for everybody. I never would have thought he'd have any interest in running the company, and I can't see Tripp just dumping it on somebody who didn't even want it. Unless, of course, he did recommend himself and lied to Brian about his allegiances? Eh. The character is once again being 'corrupted', and Lisa isn't up for fighting it anymore. She realizes that it's an inevitability that she can't prevent.

Simon is obviously trying to estrange Karen from her family, but I don't know if Karen is aware of this. She's one of the show's most inconsistent characters in terms of writing, being smart and proactive when the script calls for it, while alternatively weak and naive elsewhere.

Nola is contrived. She and Jeremy have zero chemistry, and her thing about always sleeping with somebody connected to the person she's prosecuting was ridiculous. I've liked Lucy Liu in other things, but she's not too convincing on this show. I did like, however, her insistence that people will see Leticia's escapades as entitled and obnoxious. And after that great moment with the security team bringing the $20 million bail into the trial, it's understandable.

Dirty Sexy Money is now reveling in its implausibility, from the rapid bastardization of Tripp to the nuttiness of Kenny G and Patrick's thinly-veiled memorial to his lost love. However, it's working. Great pacing this episode, with a lot of humor too. B+

Guest stars Alice Krige (Judge Alexis Wyeth); Madison Mason (Terry Deramian); Kathy Mazur (Connie Dallamuir); Kenny G (Himself); Bella Thorne (Margaux Darling); Andrew Astor (Robert Darling); John Burke (Anchor); John C. McDonnell (Deputy #1)
Writer Craig Wright Director Andrew Bernstein

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