Friday, November 19, 2010

Undercovers: Not Without My Daughter (1.5)

I've noticed that every review I've written for Undercovers thus far has mentioned other, far greater shows. No matter the quality of the episode I'm reviewing, I'm constantly reminded of certain plot strands or ideas that are executed in far better ways on other series. Why is this? Has the well of espionage spy drama been run dry? Or maybe it's the fact that, five episodes in, Undercovers doesn't yet have much of an identity. It's just there. I'm waiting for the show to grow a little, or become just that little bit more intriguing or generally likable, but so far it's not happening.

Not Without My Daughter was flawed in many a way. The episode doesn't start with the greatest of hooks. We have another electronic device at risk. Boo. Then the Blooms have to save a little girl from the clutches of North Korea. The hour should have perked up with the introduction of the equally sexified French secret agents, but that plot device only ended up making the Agents Bloom look like complete dumbasses. The Blooms blindly trust their nouveau counterparts, and are surprised when all of five seconds later they're betraying their asses. Ugh. It was all very, very stupid.

Lizzy is probably the least convincing recovering alcoholic in the history of time. Obviously there's not a 'type' for that kind of thing, but a frantic ditzy moron isn't it. And I'm guessing she has (dun dun) a dark secret? They need to do more with that if they want us to give a hoot. And where's Leo? He's practically the one entertaining character the show has at this point. We have two bland leads, a one-note angry Major Dad and the tech guy.

Honestly, there's not a whole lot to say about this. Supposedly it was held back by NBC, and you can kind of see why. Come on, Undercovers, be the little show that could. Right now... no. Rating D

Guest stars Irene Choi (May Won); Charles Rahi Chun (Shin Won); Linda Hardy (Camille Geffard); Alex Nesic (Marcel Geffard)
Writer Elwood Reid Director Dan Attias

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