Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birds of Prey: Primal Scream (1.6)

Subtlety isn't this show's friend. Primal Scream explores two character-driven plotlines, one being Helena's fondness for 'being bad' (potentially inherited from her mother), and the other Dinah's guilt and anger over her own mom's death last episode. But, since this show assumes its audience are folk who think Smallville and Charmed are "a little too heavy" for them, the episode goes out of its way to project these feelings so brutally that it almost becomes pretty damn hilarious.

Dinah steals the show here, if only because her proclamations of (in her best valley girl voice, of course) "I'M LIIIKE NOT ANGRY!!!!! GGUUURRGGHHAARRARR!!" are so ridiculous. I've said it before, but Rachel Skarsten is just awful. Dinah as a character also just doesn't work. The episode depicts her newfound fighting abilities, but her general presence is that of an annoying teenager. We can buy Dina Meyer and Ashley Scott as kick-ass heroines, but this annoying blonde is one epic fail in that department.

Once again, references to the past are far more interesting than what is happening on the actual show. The Catwoman mask was awesome, as was Barbara's conversation with Alfred about her father. Maybe that's the show that should have been made, not a low-rent version with weaker characters and dumb storylines?

The actual plot of the episode is pretty "blah". Helena's undercover in a vaguely sinister biker gang, working alongside Reese who still doesn't fully understand her. Helena's attracted to the dark side, and uses her undercover stint as some sort of release for all her pent-up Catwoman genes. At the same time, Harley is revealed to be behind this criminal operation too. Eh. It never really goes anywhere. As the weeks go by, I can see by this wreck got canned. C-

Guest stars Shawn Christian (Wade Brixton); Shane Mikael Johnson (Mick Winters); Brent Sexton (Detective McNally); Sarah Joy Brown (Wolf)
Teleplay Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz Story Adam Armus, Kay Foster Director Jim Charleston

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