Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nip/Tuck: Blu Mondae (4.2)

Both Sean and Christian projected their own internal crises onto others in this episode, Christian most notably with gay-for-pay hustler Mitchell. Surely if Christian can 'cure' Mitchell's fluid sexuality, he'll know that it's also possible for himself, right? While it's clear that Christian isn't gay, it's telling that he's still so insecure about Faith's diagnosis from last episode. But I guess when he's never had a real relationship with a woman, it's unsurprising that he's questioning just who he is as a person.

Conor's disorder weighs in heavily on both Sean and Annie. Sean is distracted by a random barista with a facial disorder, projecting his own insecurities onto him and being surprised when the guy tells him that he isn't bothered by his atypical appearance. Also intriguing was Annie's reaction to her unborn brother's 'problem'. There was something so spooky about the dolls with their fingers removed and the tying up of Annie's own hands. It may have just been that twangy score which seems to have accompanied almost all of the Conor scenes so far, but it got to me.

Though his storyline with Cherry (which allowed for some rare character growth) appears to be dropped, supposedly at FX's insistence, it was fun to see Matt and Kimber thrust together. The Scientology angle is already vaguely sinister, while I loved the varying reactions from everybody else when Matt's new faith was discovered. Julia, passive as always, supports the whole charade, while Christian automatically assumes Kimber is trying to hurt him through his own son. Which may not be so far from the truth...

Blu Mondae felt a lot like the second part of the season premiere. It introduced us to all the storylines that will be prominent this year, developed supporting characters (including Michelle and, hopefully, Liz) and again reflected the show's desire to move past its polarizing third year. A-

Guest stars Jacqueline Bisset (James); Sanaa Lathan (Michelle Landau); Angela Little (Blu Mondae); Thad Luckinbill (Mitchell Skinner); Nate Mooney (Alex Coffee); Kelsey Lynn Batelaan (Annie McNamara); Richard Chamberlain (Arthur Stiles)
Writers Lyn Greene, Richard Levine Director Michael M. Robin

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