Saturday, June 14, 2014


So... yeah. A year happened. Before I start anything, I should probably say that I haven't been lurking around all year and just choosing not to respond to all the comments left here from people wondering where I was. There's even been vague implications that I could have died or something, which I would have clarified as inaccurate if I had actually read it. But I didn't, because around the start of July last year I just stopped coming here.

Some of you guessed right -- I was just burned out. I got tired of writing reviews of stuff, I got tired of thinking about Blogspot, thinking about readership, wondering what I could do to get more of a response, thinking about silly blogger politics and so forth. It got old, and I had realized I had become one of those people who takes all of this very, very seriously. So I stopped and quit doing it. It was surprising to me that I did, since I was so wrapped up in all of this for what felt like such a long time, but it was ultimately real easy when it came down to it.

But then I just came back here and saw all these comments, and it's overwhelmingly flattering that people actually wrote me stuff. That's huge and lovely and fantastic, so thank you. I love to write, and I haven't written TV stuff in a year now, so I'm finishing up Alias and maybe doing some other stuff this summer if I get a feel for it again. The blog won't be as busy or meticulously scheduled as it once was, and I don't know how long I'll even be hanging around, but feel free to stop by if you'd like. I'm doing great, by the way. Like 'finding your whole purpose' great, working and being responsible for stuff and developing who I am and what I do. Hope everybody's cool, too.


  1. Wow, what a shock. I thought this website was dead for good. I came here today to read a Buffy review (we are doind a Buffy rewatch on Doux Reviews and I wanted to see your take on season 5's "Out of My Mind") and then I saw all those new Alias reviews. So happy you're back, Max, even if it's only for a while.

    Glad to know you're doing fine. I can underestand the blogging crises you went through. But don't stop the good writing, you're very tallented.

  2. Welcome back because you definitely have been missed.

    I noticed that you did reviews of American Horror Story's first two seasons and with the fourth soon to be on its way I was wondering did you plan on reviewing the third season Coven. It brought some new big names and was the most popular rating wise but criticized for the quality of the writing. It would be interesting to see your take on it.

  3. Thank you for reading! And, yes, Coven coverage is in the pipeline. Unsure about a specific date, but definitely before Freak Show starts up at least.

  4. Great to see you back man! Looking forward to the rest of the Alias reviews. I had been coming back to re-read old reviews while I made my way through the awful season 6 of Charmed and was pleasantly surprised to see new stuff posted!

  5. Glad to see you back!

    Looking forward to your Coven reviews :)