Friday, October 26, 2012

A thousand of these things...

This is a huge thank you to everybody out there who has stumbled across my stuff, read a little bit of it, hopefully liked it, and an even bigger thanks to those of you who have commented and contributed yourselves. This is work that I am incredibly proud of, and while there's part of me that's unsure how much longer I'll be around, the feedback I've received thus far has been hugely flattering, and has pushed me to actively pursue similar endeavors in the real world.

To you, to television, and to the future!


  1. I haven't commented nearly enough, but I appreciate your reviews and this site. It is definitely on my RSS feed. I selfishly hope you will continue, but if it is time to move onto other things I totally understand. Whatever you do, I wish you luck.

  2. Sorry I haven't been commenting like I used to, it's tough keeping up with everything on here these days. But thank YOU for all your great reviews, it was reading your stuff that got me into writing like this in the first place. Congrats on the tremendous work you've done up until now :)

  3. Also here to say that I enjoy reading your reviews and hope that you keep writing them. Always a good read, even when I haven't seen the show in question.

    Congrats on the milestone!