Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Charmed: Witch Wars (6.21)

Reality television is ripe for parody, but Witch Wars does nothing with it. Instead we have routine demons-want-the-Charmed-Ones-dead hoodoo, alongside some annoying 'secret evilness' from Gideon. I don't know if it's because I'm watching these episodes in a vacuum, but it's become more than a little tiring seeing the sisters getting attacked, working out what just attacked them, and then vanquishing the attackers. The show is crying out for something radical and different, and despite an interesting central conceit, Witch Wars sure ain't it.

As if the Charmed Ones weren't already portrayed as huge morons, we got some hilarious banter here with the sisters, Leo and Chris trying to figure out who will turn Wyatt evil, all the while hanging out with dastardly British enigma Gideon. It's too ridiculous. And why would they think the Witch Wars crew are responsible for Wyatt's allegiance switch when they clearly don't give a damn about the kid? It gives Gideon way too much credit as a villain and makes everybody we're supposed to be rooting for seem like brainless fools. Ugh.

Witch Wars is another one of those episodes that seems pretty popular among fans, but it always kind of bored me. There's a lot of explosions and action, but little that proves particularly moving in any way. Can we just get this horrible season over with? D

Guest stars Christopher Neiman (Sigmund); Jim Pirri (Corr); Elaine Hendrix (Clea); Bodhi Elfman (Kyle Donie); Vicki Davis (Tali); David Ramsey (Demon); Betsy Randle (Mrs. Winterbourne); Steve Cell (Apprentice); Gildart Jackson (Gideon)
Writer Krista Vernoff Director David Jackson


  1. I know we covered this already in my season review but I LOVE this episode. It's actually my favorite episode of the season. Weird huh? I need to rewatch it again to really defend my opinion but all I remember is that I love the premise and I loved Phoebe going all nuts on the demons at the end with energy balls no less. Hopefully Panda who has recently watched it can further defend the episode in better detail.
    I really hope it's still as good as I remember because reading your review makes it sound horrible like the other crap Charmed aired this season and I just remember it being on another level! So bizarre.

  2. I was so tired of this season by this point that they could have did another Sin Francisco and I would have probably hated it. This whole season just melted my brain.

  3. I'm with Adam on this.

    It's flashy, and the action jumps off the screen, I but it's all a little pointless.

    Great review.