Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Charmed: Murphy's Luck (2.16)

It's always annoying when a show randomly comes up with major character points only to service a certain storyline, even more annoying when that story is referenced just once, and is only there to service a standalone mystery. Here, we discover Prue is familiar with depression, feels a huge amount of sadness over a car accident that occurred forever ago that injured Phoebe, and has contemplated suicide. Combine that with her out-of-nowhere 'passion' for photography, and Murphy's Luck should be a pretty annoying episode. However, even with the contrivances, it's a dark and emotional hour, saved by some great work from the actors.

Amy Adams is without a doubt the most successful actor to ever appear on Charmed. At the time of writing, she's a three-time Oscar nominee, and her career has been a favorite of mine because I was aware of her through guest spots on shows like this (and Buffy, and Smallville, etc.) before she actually made it big. She's great here, selling some spotty dialogue and easily conveying a woman terrified by the effect she has on people close to her. Shannen Doherty is equally great here, especially in those scenes where she is stalked by the Darklighter, who fills her head with misery.

I actually prefer Leo as a mortal than as a Whitelighter. It always felt a little too easy in future seasons when he just orbed in and saved the day, or healed the sisters whenever they were injured. As a mortal, he's for once actually intriguing: upset over his inability to help, but in a truly human relationship with Piper. Unfortunately, the show abandoned this story early. Meh.

Continuity nor logic are particularly strong points of Murphy's Luck, but it's a pretty entertaining hour which doesn't patronize or insult a serious subject matter. B-

Guest stars Arnold Vosloo (Darklighter); Amy Adams (Maggie Murphy); Kent Faulcon (Gil Corso)
Writer David Simkins Director John Behring

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  1. If Leo is now mortal, how come he did not freeze when Piper stopped the glasses from falling??