Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birds of Prey: Prey for the Hunter (1.3)

There were some ham-fisted attempts at discussing weighty issues this episode. This is most evident in Helena at first distancing herself from her fellow meta-humans, and her eventual turnaround mid-way through the episode. The issue isn't explored as greatly as it could have been, but there's the potential there for some decent exploration into ideas of self-hatred and being part of a minority group in a city where you're considered public enemy one. Of course, this being a gimmicky WB show, the weight to the story never really develops. But the 'idea' is there, which is something.

I didn't think Detective Claude was a credible bad guy, and that's probably because he spent so much time this episode partnered with Reese. It was actually one area of the hour that really bugged me. Is the show really trying to convince us that Reese is completely unaware of Batman? Who only disappeared, what, fifteen years ago or something? For such an integral part of the DC mythology and major thorn in the Gotham PD's side to be casually dismissed like that... well, it takes guts to sound so silly.

The blandness of Detective Claude wasn't helped by the scenes they gave him, while both Barbara and Dinah's subplots suffered the same fate. Barbara's date with Wade's parents went nowhere, as we didn't even see what happened. Elsewhere, Dinah's first day of school was a barrel of clich├ęs. Not that I was particularly fascinated with that anyway.

What Prey for the Hunter did well was at least open up the Gotham City universe a little. We're introduced to other meta-humans and the world they occupy, and it's something that's appreciated at this point in the series. Shame the rest of the episode was so hammy, though. C-

Guest stars Joe Flanigan (Claude Morton); Shawn Christian (Wade Brixton); Robert Patrick Benedict (Gibson Kafka); Callie De Fabry (Gabby)
Teleplay Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz Story Adam Armus, Kay Foster Director Chris Long

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